Mar 24

Spring Car Care Tips For St. Louis

spring car care

Make Spring Cleaning Fun

Now that spring has arrived, there’s plenty to do—put away your sweaters, clean the gutters, and perform some seasonal maintenance on your car. Not sure what your car needs right now? Just check off these spring car care tips from Gateway Buick GMC.

Follow Service Schedules

Your owner’s manual should have a recommended service schedule for your specific car. Follow this carefully and get any check-ups that are recommended for spring.

Check Belts

Pop the hood and take a look at the belts in your vehicle. Check for cracks or damage and if anything looks like it needs replacing, bring your car into Gateway Buick GMC for service.

Check Battery

Your car’s battery hates the cold weather from the winter as much as you do. It may have undergone some wear during the season, so have your car’s battery checked to see that it’s still in good condition.

Check Tires

Tires also don’t do well in cold weather. Look at your vehicle’s tires to see that there are no signs of wear, cracks, bulges, or low tread.

Wash and Wax

Not only does washing your car make it look better, but it ensures that all of the road salt is off of the surfaces. If road salt is sticking to your car’s undercarriage it could lead to rust and damage. Follow it up with a good wax, and your car will be protected from debris over the spring and summer.

If you want a set of professional eyes to look at your car, or you have discovered a problem that needs repairs, come see Vehicle Service Team today at Gateway Buick GMC.

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