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Five New Year’s Resolutions to Try This Year

New Year’s Resolutions

Starting The Year Off Right

It’s almost time for another New Year, and with each New Year comes the sense of new beginnings. While we all really have the chance to change our lives and habits every day, it helps many people to sit down and make New Year’s resolutions every 365 days. Here are five ideas from the team at Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO for you to consider this New Year.

Start Meditating

There are tons of books, CDs, and even smartphone apps that can help you start a meditation practice. It’s great for reducing stress, improving focus, and staying in the moment.

Get Outside

There are so many benefits to spending time outside in nature. You don’t have to wait until the warm season to do this one, either. Make it your goal to get outside a couple of days a week, for a walk, a night of camping, a ski trip, or anything!

Learn New Skills

Imagine how empowering it would be to learn a dozen new skills in the New Year? You can do so easily by focusing on one new skill each month! Choose your skills now, and spend a few hours each week developing your new subject of interest each month.

Keep a Journal

If you’ve never kept a journal, this can be a challenging resolution to keep. However, the personal rewards are vast, even if you’re just taking ten minutes at the end of each day to recap the day’s events.

Read More New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you join a book club or make your own list of intriguing titles, you’re sure to be enriched by making more time for reading in the New Year.

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