May 23

Celebrations to Kick Off Your Summer!

father and sonWith summer just around the corner, most people don’t need much of an excuse for a celebration or a party. However, just in case you do, we have plenty for you. Here are just a few summer celebrations for you to kick off your summer.


National Doughnut Day – June 2nd


Easily one of the best food holidays of the year, celebrate this year’s National Doughnut Day in style. Go out, stuff your face, and hit some of your favorite local bakeries.


World Environment Day – June 5th


Be sure to keep this increasingly important day in mind. Spread the word, and help people around the world learn more about what they can do to keep the environment clean and safe.


National Best Friend Day – June 8th


Although you probably appreciate your best friend every day that you spend together, this is even more of an excuse to go out and do something fun.


Father’s Day – June 18th


While your father might say that he doesn’t want much attention on this day, the truth is that he will appreciate even the smallest gesture.


As if the beginning of summer weren’t already enough reason to celebrate, these holidays give you even more fun things to do. All of us here at Gateway Buick GMC hope that you have a wonderful summer!

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