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April Fool’s Day Pranks: A List of Classics

Happy April Fool's Day - monkey talking on the phone

April Fool’s Day pranks can be truly memorable, one reason we’ve put together a list of some classics. From some famous practical jokes to pranks you might consider (or watch out for!), this is one truly fun tradition. Believe it or not, April Fool’s dates back to the 1500s when pranks were pulled on people who forgot to adopt a new calendar system. At Gateway Buick GMC, we’re glad to see the tradition continue.

Looking for pranks you can do on your own? According to Deal News, one classic prank is to take a paper cup, place it upside down, and write “Don’t open—spider inside!” on the top. Leave it on a coworker’s desk, and watch the hilarity ensue. Another good one is taping “PUSH” to a pulling door, or you can fill a sleeping person’s hand with shaving cream and tickle their nose with a feather.

Some of the single most famous pranks include one from the BBC in the 1950s and one from Sports Illustrated in the 1980s—both of which were widely accepted by readers and viewers. Nearly half a century ago, the BBC tricked viewers with a news story about Swiss farmers harvesting record spaghetti crops, pictures and all. Some were so convinced the story was real, they truly believed the pasta noodle was a natural crop. Sports Illustrated pulled another famous gag in the eighties by introducing a pitcher that could throw 168 mph, nearly 60 mph faster than even the current record.

There are many other great pranks, but we’ve listed some of our favorites. Be sure to keep your hoaxes fun and safe for everyone!

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