Feb 15

New 2018 Terrain to Debut in Detroit

New 2018 Terrain

Last year, GMC brought the next-generation Acadia to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Acadia showed off significant weight loss, huge upgrades to the onboard tech features, and many other changes. Now, GMC is following with one of the Acadia’s siblings – the new 2018 Terrain. For the 2017 Detroit show, the newest version of the GMC Terrain shows off many of the same changes as the Acadia, such as a dramatic 500-pound drop, as well as other new features.

Notably, the 2018 GMC Terrain offers three brand-new engines, all turbocharged and one of them a diesel engine offering. Other features include standard LED exterior lights, the choice of front- or all-wheel drive, and even a new kind of transmission that appears to feature new technology. This new transmission will operate using what GMC refers to as “push buttons and pull triggers,” replacing the usual shifters.

The new 2018 Terrain will reportedly be on sale this summer, bringing consumers a new option in the five-passenger compact SUV segment to match the latest model of the GMC Acadia, which debuted last year. Available features include Apple CarPlay, a heated steering wheel, integrated navigation, an onboard Wi-Fi hot spot, and a premium Bose audio system.

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