Jan 16

Key Winter Car Care Tips Will Prepare You for Snow and Ice

Winter can be particularly hard on your car — and on your nerves, if you’re the one driving! But to keep those winter weather conditions from wearing at your vehicle and becoming hard on your wallet, check out our winter car care tips below.

winter car care tips


  • Make sure that you have a full reservoir of windshield wiper fluid, so that you’re well-equipped to remove any dirt or grime that may be blocking your view.
  • Are your headlights working at fuel capacity? You will want to have maximum visibility of everything on the road in the event of a snowstorm, and other drivers will want to be able to have maximum visibility of you, so now is the time to test them.
  • If your battery is particularly old, consider getting a new one, or at least have it checked out by a professional. Cold weather can be extra tough on car batteries, which can leave you in a hard spot if your battery (especially on a night when temperatures are low!).
  • Check to see if you are low on coolant, which is what keeps your engine from freezing in the winter. Fill up the reservoir you need to.
  • Give your tires a critical inspection, inflating them to the proper tire pressure and deciding whether or not to adopt winter tires for the upcoming months. In geographic areas that are particularly prone to winter weather, appropriate tires are a wise investment.
  • Lastly, be sure to have an ice scraper somewhere in your car, as well as possibly even a snow shovel or some salt, so that you’re ready to fend off ice whenever the need arises.


For more winter weather safety ideas, or to test drive a winter-ready vehicle, stop by and visit us anytime, here at Gateway Buick GMC.

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