Dec 14

Best Christmas Movies to Watch as a Family

Looking for the best Christmas movies to watch with your family this winter? Here are some classics that are sure to please everyone.


  • Ready to watch the best Christmas MoviesHome Alone: This favorite will catch the kids’ attention since it’s more than just a Christmas movie – it’s also an action movie that stars a kid as the clever and resourceful protagonist.
  • Elf: A more recent addition to the canon of Christmas classics, Elf is funny, endearing, and will get the family into the spirit of the holidays in no time.
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: They don’t make movies like this anymore. With the classic stop-motion animation, Rudolph has truly stood the test of time.
  • A Charlie Brown Christmas: Everyone loves the Peanuts! Enjoy Charlie Brown and his droopy Christmas tree in this fun and heartwarming classic.
  • A Christmas Story: The familiar tale of Ralphie and his BB gun never gets old, so enjoy it with kids and adults alike this holiday season.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Jim Carrey’s spectacular transformation into SFX makeup, over-the-top humor, and quirky facial expressions are sure to charm and amuse as the titular Grinch.
  • Nightmare Before Christmas: If it seems like the holidays came too soon and Halloween was just a week ago, maybe this Tim Burton classic will help bridge the gap a little better.


There’s something for everyone on this list of best Christmas movies, so be sure to give them a shot!

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