Jul 08

Gateway Arch of St. Louis: What Goes Into A Name

Gateway Arch of St. Louis

Gateway Arch of St. Louis

What goes into a name? The name of our dealership, Gateway Buick GMC, lets people know we are in the car business. It also happens to be an homage to one of the most iconic structures in the entire country—the Gateway Arch of St. Louis.


In terms of visibility and national identity, the Gateway Arch of St. Louis is on par with the Empire State Building in the East and the Hollywood sign in the West. The structure was built to commemorate the role that St. Louis played in the westward expansion of the United States and how Thomas Jefferson supported that movement. This is how the arch got its official name, “The Jefferson National Expansion Memorial.”


The Gateway Arch of St. Louis is a truly amazing structure. It is as wide as it is tall, that is, 630 feet. The steel and concrete arch weighs almost 22 tons. It is in the shape of a catenary curve, catenary being the shape that a free-hanging chain takes if you hold it level at both ends.

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