Jun 17

Plan a Special Father’s Day

Plan a special Father's Day with our help!

Plan a special Father’s Day with our help!

Everyone has a story if not many stories that show how great your dad is! Whether it is the time he taught you how to fish, great times playing catch, a movie you always loved to watch together, or time spent on the back porch talking, your dad has had a great impact on your life. So show your dad how much you care this Father’s Day.

At Gateway Buick GMC of Hazelwood, MO, we want to help you make this Father’s Day a special one. We have ideas on great gifts and/or activities for the day.




Whether your dad is outdoorsmen, a bookworm, a sports fanatic, or movie lover, you can still spend time together this Sunday. This list breaks down 17 activities you can do with your dad based on which personality he fits into: fishing, go-kart, sports, cars, history, music, art, food, etc.








If you are also wanted to give your dad a present this Father’s Day, we can help with that! Here is a list of 56 gift ideas. With so many ideas you are sure to find something that your dad will love that will also fit your price range.

We want to hear from you! Share in the comments how special your dad is. Happy Father’s Day!

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