May 22

Delicious New St. Louis Restaurants

Check out these new St. Louis restaurants!

Check out these new St. Louis restaurants!

The St Louis-metro area is full of delicious places to eat. In fact, it seems as though a new restaurant opens just about every other day! It can be hard to choose where to eat with all the new fascinating restaurants. Here is a list of a few of our favorite new St. Louis restaurants.

  • 801 Chophouse – This restaurant specializes in USDA Prime Beef. The beef has been perfectly seared and flavored for prime enjoyment.
  • The BBQ Saloon – Serving traditional barbecue, and some unusual items such as gator ribs or kangaroo burgers. There are also over 600 whiskey options to go with the meat.
  • KaiKu Sushi Lounge –The Hawaiian staple of Poke is served here along with a variety of sushi options and salads. This restaurant brings an Island flavor to the mainland.
  • Katie’s Pizza and Pasta – Pasta is not taken lightly here as the many of the dishes have the pipeline pasta’s cavities filled with brown butter and Taleggio.
  • Kingside Diner – A chess-themed diner, appropriately situated across from the World Chess Hall of Fame.

These are just a few of our favorite new restaurants in the St. Louis area. There are many other new delicious restaurants that are worth trying out!

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