Apr 26

Three Fun Road Trip Games to Make Your Road Trips Better

Great road trip games for your next trip!

Great road trip games for your next trip!

Everyone agrees: road trips are awesome—but even the most memorable excursions can be a little boring from time to time. There are a number of fun road trip games out there to help you get over the boredom, though. Here are three of our favorites:


Did You Hear That?


As Buzzfeed tells us, this game only works if you and your friends are hip to history and current events. The game is to tell a true or made up news story beginning with “Did you hear that….” Your friends have to guess whether it’s true or not.


The Movie Game


This game only really works for movie buffs. The first person starts off with an actor. The next person must say a movie that that actor was in. The next person must say another actor in that film and so on.


While You Were Sleeping


There’s nothing like pranking a friend! This isn’t a game you can play just anytime; only when a friend has fallen asleep. It’s simple. Those of you who are awake concoct a story to tell your friend when he or she wakes up. The trick is to make it ridiculous but plausible enough to be believed.


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