Apr 15

Top Five Reasons to Buy A Convertible

5 reasons to buy a convertible today.

5 reasons to buy a convertible today.

In case you hadn’t heard, the 2016 Buick Cascada is getting ready to hit the market. This great-looking convertible has gotten rave reviews all across the board. It truly is the perfect vehicle to help you let your hair down. If you’re hesitant about getting the Cascada convertible, then hesitate no more—here are some of the best reasons to buy a convertible.


You can drive and work on your tan at the same time. It’s true. There is nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun on your body as you cruise down the road. Just be sure and get a good pair of sunglasses!


You can enjoy nature more. Regular vehicles can make you feel removed from your environment. Convertibles, much like motorcycles, make you feel like you are “there.”


You have a better view of the road. The pillars that hold your roof up in the back of your car can also obscure your view. Without a top, they are no longer in the way, making your blind spot practically non-existent.


Your kids will stay entertained for longer. As Car and Driver points out, convertibles make it easy to keeps kids entertained. The open roof will make sure their attention is on their surroundings, rather than how long it will take to get to the destination.


Learn more and test drive your Cascada at Gateway Buick GMC of St. Louis, MO today!

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