Sep 17

Back to School Car Shopping

Back to school car shopping means not riding the bus

Back to school car shopping means not riding the bus this year


As the summer months come to an end and school gets back in session, many college students will find themselves in need of a car. There are many things to consider when choosing a car to get you through your college years (and beyond). At Gateway Buick GMC, it’s our job to help young car shoppers and their parents make an educated decision on a new car. Here’s our advice for back to school car shopping:

Budget – Run some numbers and have a good idea of your budget before you begin shopping. Keep in mind that you’ll soon be responsible for your own living and school expenses. To save serious money, consider buying a certified used vehicle.

Reliability. Choose a car that has a reputation for reliability and dependability. The worst-case scenario is getting yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle that constantly needs service. If you’re not buying a new or certified pre-owned car, make sure you have a mechanic perform a thorough inspection, and ask the previous owner for the maintenance records.

Safety. Look for cars with a Top Safety Pick title from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and five star ratings in government crash tests. The more safety features your car has, the more insurance discounts you can qualify for.

Lifestyle. Decide what features are most important to you, and what you’re willing to sacrifice. For example, do you plan to spend weekends camping? Then you might make a crossover or SUV a priority. Or maybe you plan to travel on the weekends, and fuel efficiency will be the priority.

Think long term. Choose a car you can picture yourself in through your college years – and beyond. You might land a great job out of college and be ready to treat yourself to a new car right away, or you might need to save money. Either way, make sure you can hang on to your new car for a while if you need to.

Stop by Gateway Buick GMC and we’ll help you find the perfect fit for your college years!

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