Jul 27

Signs Your Vehicle’s Air Conditioning Needs Fixed

We are just days away from August, and while we probably don’t think about it too often, we’re willing to bet our vehicle’s air conditioning systems working harder than they do any other time of the year. It makes sense then that July 3rd through August 15th has been deemed “Air Conditioning Appreciation Days.” We think it’s time we give our under-appreciated, overworked air conditioners some love.

Here are signs that your car’s air conditioner needs some TLC.

Air Conditioning Needs Fixed

Weak airflow or air that isn’t as cold as it once was. On a scorching hot day, is there anything more frustrating than an air conditioner that just isn’t functioning quite right? The culprit could be a number of things, including a loose hose or a failing ventilation fan.

Strange odors. If you smell mildew when you turn on your air conditioner (or any other foul smell), you may have mold or other bacteria inside the air conditioning system. This is not only bad for your car and unpleasant for you—it can cause serious health issues.

Strange noises. When you turn the air conditioner on, you shouldn’t hear anything besides the fan (or blower). Any strange clicking, banging, or grinding sounds could mean a number of things – from debris lodged in the fan to a failing fan belt.

Water stains on the floor mat under the dashboard. Air conditioners remove water from the air before sending the cool air into the cabin of the car. This water is drained outside of your vehicle, but if the drain or a hose become clogged, that water can back up and drain directly into your car’s interior.

All of the above symptoms are signs of a malfunctioning air conditioning system. Here at Gateway Buick GMC, we recommend bringing your vehicle to our service department right away to have your car’s air conditioning system examined, before you find yourself without air conditioning altogether.

For more information on determining if your air conditioning needs fixed, visit firestonecompleteautocare.com.

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