Feb 28

How to Decorate for St. Patrick’s Day

decorate for St. Patrick’s Day

Everyone’s Irish in St. Louis

If you are hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, or you just want to add some luck of the Irish to your house this year, here are a few ideas to help you decorate for St. Patrick’s Day.

Steamer Rainbow

Buy a roll of streamers in every color of the rainbow. Then, attach them to the wall in rainbow order. Use white tissue paper to create clouds on one side and add a cutout of a pot of gold to the other.

Lucky Flowerpots

Gather some empty mason jars, puppy paint, and green spray paint. Use the puffy paint to draw shamrocks or write out messages. Once it dries, spray the whole thing green. Add some spring tulips for the final touch.

Clover Wreath

Either make your own using green felt and shamrock ribbon, or buy this beautiful clover wreath.

Emerald Table Setting

Class up your table with emerald green goblets, green napkins, and a striped tablecloth for the perfect St. Patrick’s Day dinner party.

Green Food

You can never go wrong with green food on St. Patrick’s Day. Make shamrock cucumber sandwiches or shamrock spinach chips for a festive snack.

Are you hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party near St. Louis, MO this year? If you want even more green in your life, come pick out a new car in your favorite shade of green here at Gateway Buick GMC.

Feb 09

2018 GMC Terrain’s Aerodynamic Design

GMC Terrain’s aerodynamic design

Upgrading The Train

Functional & Attractive

A vehicle’s design does a lot more than just make it look good. Designers and engineers spend hundreds of hours fine-tuning a design to make sure it is both attractive and functional, especially when it comes to aerodynamics. The 2018 GMC Terrain’s aerodynamic design comes after spending more than 300 hours in a wind tunnel to get every surface just right.

Decreasing Drag

“Reducing the aerodynamic drag of an SUV is always a challenge,” said GMC Aerodynamic Engineer Alicia Bidwell. “Our engineering team paid attention to even the smallest details to deliver the size and cargo space our customers want.”

More Streamlined

With its new streamlined design, Terrain owners get a more efficient SUV. In fact, drivers can expect an EPA-estimated 26 mpg combined with all-wheel-drive models, which is up to 3 mpg more than previous models.

Stylish Design

The Terrain has a lifted stance that directs airflow under the vehicle, which in turn increases drag. To combat this, engineers found other way to guide the air to the back of the vehicle. This makes the styling and mechanical components work together to deliver the best-looking Terrain ever.

Test Out The GMC Terrain’s Aerodynamic Design

Come visit us at Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO today to see the 2018 GMC Terrain’s streamlined aerodynamic design today.

Jan 26

Fun Facts About President’s Day

President's Day Fun


President’s Day is about more than just a long weekend. This holiday has its own special roots. Have a little President’s Day fun with your kids this year and share with them these facts about this U.S. holiday.

“President’s Day” is a Nickname

President’s Day isn’t the official name of this federal holiday. This holiday is officially titled Washington’s Birthday. The first president of the United States was born on February 22nd, 1732, but the holiday now more commonly known as President’s Day falls on the third Monday of February each year.

Why Celebrate?

At Gateway Buick GMC, we love to learn the purposes behind holidays. In this case, President’s Day or Washington’s Birthday is designated as a time to celebrate our country’s line of presidents. One of the reasons that Washington’s Birthday became President’s Day is because it falls close to the birthday of another historically great president: Abraham Lincoln.

Get to Know the Presidents

In order to honor this U.S. holiday, take some time to learn about our presidents. For instance, did you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt was the first president to appear on T.V.? Or that the two presidents who signed the Constitution were James Madison and George Washington? Or that Woodrow Wilson is the only president to be buried in Washington D.C.?

Choose a president or two this President’s Day and learn how they had their own unique impact on American history. Tell us about what you learned in the comments below, and have a great President’s Day from all of us at Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO!

Jan 02

Coming Soon: The 2018 Buick Regal Sportback

Buick Regal Sportback

Tons Of Convenient Space

Things are changing for the Buick Regal, and they’re changing for the better. The 2018 Buick Regal Sportback takes the traditional sedan styling of old and revamps it with an innovative design that is functional and fashionable, all while bolstering performance and intelligence for a thoroughly luxurious experience.

 5-Door Sedan

This Buick Regal “sedan” is actually a five-door car, with a rear hatch that opens to a spacious and versatile cargo space. The Buick Regal Sportback is more reminiscent of a coupe than a hatchback, and it takes styling cues straight from the race track. It’s equally sporty in its performance, thanks to a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. And with an available all-wheel-drive system—not to mention up to 31.5 cu. ft. of cargo space—the Buick Regal Sportback is as ready for adventure as it is for the race track.

 Technology For Safety & Fun

The 2018 Buick Regal Sportback is also filled with smart technology, like the Buick Infotainment System on a 7-inch touchscreen plus Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ for easy smartphone connectivity. The Buick Regal Sportback also offers up a suite of smart safety features, including Front Pedestrian Braking, which provides peace of mind so that drivers can enjoy the ride.

 Take One For A Test Drive

There’s truly something for everyone in this unique combination of sporty styling, intelligence, and capability. Stop in at Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO to test drive the first-ever 2018 Buick Regal Sportback.

Dec 19

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

keep your New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s Celebration

If you feel like you drop the ball somewhere mid-February, don’t worry. You’re not the only person who finds it difficult to keep your New Year’s resolutions. But with these tips from Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO, we hope you’ll find the tools you need to keep your resolutions going strong all year long.

Start Small

One important key to keeping a resolution is forming reasonable expectations. For instance, if you make it your goal to pay off $1,000 a month on debt but you only make $3,000 a month, you may be asking too much. Start with goals that you know you can reach and build up from there.

Keeping Track of Progress Helps Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

It’s important to keep your resolutions close by all year. To achieve a goal, you need to make it part of your life, not just an afterthought each day. Try talking to a friend about your progress, or keeping a journal of each day’s experience. You could even start a blog about your journey!

Be Kind to Yourself

One reason that New Year’s resolutions don’t last is that people tend to give up as soon as they mess up. But when it comes to resolutions of any kind, perseverance is key. Don’t let one bad month keep you from working towards your goal. At the end of the year, you’ll be glad you stuck with it even if it had its ups and downs along the way.

Dec 04

Five New Year’s Resolutions to Try This Year

New Year’s Resolutions

Starting The Year Off Right

It’s almost time for another New Year, and with each New Year comes the sense of new beginnings. While we all really have the chance to change our lives and habits every day, it helps many people to sit down and make New Year’s resolutions every 365 days. Here are five ideas from the team at Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO for you to consider this New Year.

Start Meditating

There are tons of books, CDs, and even smartphone apps that can help you start a meditation practice. It’s great for reducing stress, improving focus, and staying in the moment.

Get Outside

There are so many benefits to spending time outside in nature. You don’t have to wait until the warm season to do this one, either. Make it your goal to get outside a couple of days a week, for a walk, a night of camping, a ski trip, or anything!

Learn New Skills

Imagine how empowering it would be to learn a dozen new skills in the New Year? You can do so easily by focusing on one new skill each month! Choose your skills now, and spend a few hours each week developing your new subject of interest each month.

Keep a Journal

If you’ve never kept a journal, this can be a challenging resolution to keep. However, the personal rewards are vast, even if you’re just taking ten minutes at the end of each day to recap the day’s events.

Read More New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you join a book club or make your own list of intriguing titles, you’re sure to be enriched by making more time for reading in the New Year.

Nov 11

The Best St. Louis Events in December for a Wonderful Winter

St. Louis Events in December

Holiday Lights All Around

December is always an exciting time of year, and if you’re in the St Louis area, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is deciding which local event sounds like the most fun. To help you out, here are Gateway Buick GMC’s best St. Louis events in December.


Why wait for Santa to come along on Christmas? Get into the holiday spirit by joining up with the Grinch on December 12th in St. Louis’ South Grand neighborhood. Revelers of all ages can get a picture with the Grinch at this event that benefits the Shriners Hospital for Children.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Come to Ballpark Village December 10th for the 2nd Annual World’s Largest Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. Show up to help break a Guinness World Record and help Operation Food Search. Besides hideous sweaters, partiers can expect to enjoy photo-booths, live music, and more.

St. Louis Ballet Presents The Nutcracker

From December 16th-25th, the St. Louis Ballet will perform Gen Horiuchi’s version of the timeless classic The Nutcracker. Whether you’re a ballet aficionado or just looking for a magical time for the whole family, this is one holiday tradition not to be missed!

Finish out 2017 with a bang; check out these end-of-the-year events in St. Louis, MO and make this winter the most memorable yet! Tell all of us at Gateway Buick GMC how much you liked these events in the comments below.

Nov 01

Best Fall Day Trips in Missouri you Must Check out This Year

Best Fall Day Trips In Missouri

Fall With Friends

Who doesn’t love fall? Summer’s heat has ended and winter’s chill hasn’t quite set in so it’s the perfect time to get out and experience the best Missouri has to offer. Before it’s too late, be sure to check out these best fall day trips in Missouri, hand-picked by Gateway Buck GMC.

St. Louis Arch

The iconic St Louis Arch is an incredible sight to behold any time of year, but fall offers exceptionally beautiful views from the Arch’s top observation deck. Bring the whole family and see the Mississippi River like you’ve never seen it before.

Sunshine Valley Farm

Nothing says fall quite like apple picking. At Sunshine Valley Farm in Rogersville, everyone will have a wonderful time hand gathering the most delicious apples of the year. Get yours to ensure you have the very best apple pie ingredients before the season ends!

Mark Twain National Forest

As Missouri’s only national forest, the 1.5 million acre Mark Twain National Forest offers unbeatable views of stunning fall foliage. Casual sightseers can enjoy a leisurely picnic while outdoor enthusiasts can explore over 750 miles of trails through this wonderful natural resource.

No matter what you’re into, you’re bound to find something you love on any one of these best fall day trips in Missouri. Just be sure to get out there soon before winter weather arrives and tell all of us at Gateway Buick GMC near St. Louis, MO how much you liked these events.

Oct 19

Fall Road Trips in Missouri

Fall Road Trips in Missouri


Taking a road trip to see the sights usually isn’t dependent on season. Fall brings cooler weather and colorful foliage that can completely change your sightseeing trip. We here at Gateway Buick GMC have a few fall road trips in Missouri that are well worth the drive!

St. Louis Arch

Is there anywhere in Missouri that’s more iconic than the St. Louis Arch? The monument takes on a whole different look once the fall season rolls around. Cooler weather changes the experience all on its own while the colorful foliage makes for a look you’ll only find a few months out of the year. A trip to the top offers a breathtaking view of the tree-lined Mississippi River.

Sunshine Valley Farm

Apple picking and fall are two things that just go together. Sunshine Valley Farm allows visitors to experience the best of both things. Pick a bushel of apples and enjoy the cool fall air while you can. An experience like this won’t roll around until next fall!

Apple Butter Festival

Kimmswick may be small, but it’s pretty well known for its Apple Butter Festival. The annual event celebrates the town’s history of making apple butter for more than four decades. The festival includes plenty of fall treats, crafts, and a full history of those interest. That’s not to mention you’ll get to attend a one-of-a-kind event that only occurs once a year!

Oct 04

Family Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween from Gateway Buick GMC

Halloween is a time when kids gather a feast of candy while parents stand ready at the door, arsenal of sweets in hand. The holiday isn’t all about chocolate and sugar though. Here are some fun family Halloween costumes that will be a blast for everyone involved!

Pac-Man Family

It doesn’t matter how old you get, video game characters make great Halloween costumes. A classic that inspired many others, Pac-Man has been around for decades. The Pac-Man family can consist of the big yellow guy himself, Ms. Pac-Man, and the ghosts. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the retro throwback to one of the world’s most classic characters.

Beekeeper and Bees

You don’t have to be Winnie the Pooh to enjoy the fruits (or honey) of a bee’s labor! The beekeeper and bees family costume has no size constraints. Adults can dress up as the beekeeper and hive while kids fill out the bee costumes.

Winnie the Pooh & Pals

Dressing up as Winnie the Pooh and his friends is a great way to get any kid excited about Halloween (assuming the thought of candy doesn’t do it). There’s Rabbit, Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger, and, of course, Pooh Bear himself.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at Gateway Buick GMC!

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